Meltdowns and Anxiety Disorders

I think I have genetically acquired my Mum's anxiety disorder. She is always tensed about something or the other, or about someone, or about some event.

She willingly owns someone else's problem and gets unnecessarily stressed. Its the same with my sister, and now I am beginning to realize, I might have inherited it too.

There's only so much one can be of help to another person.  And I cannot resist but voice out when I see things that I believe are not right. I am learning that while everyone knows the truth, nobody likes hearing it from someone else. And also  that its high time I learned to turn a blind eye to so many things around me that does not deserve my attention.

I really miss living life simply in its terms where one does not have to weigh each emotion and word before it comes out. This blog was supposed to help me distract from my constant frustration and channelize my ill wandering thoughts into something positive and fruitful. I hope these challenges that I have set for myself keeps me focused and excited about the good around.

My new obsession is with Gardening. I'm turning my tiny balcony into this escape haven. Sometimes what you need is Dirt Therapy!.

All cleaned up!! 

And turned into This!

There's just so much more that needs to be done. More updates when there are more plants and more sprouting!

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