Raffaello Cake

And I prove myself once for and all by baking from scratch for the first time. It was for my birthday, I decided to bake a lovely Raffaello cake. I love Raffaello chocolates and always wanted a cake that tasted the same.
I followed this recipe.
And this time I used a small trick I found online to get a flat cake. I covered my cake tin with another one. And Lo and behold!

My perfectly round  Flat cake
This was  a lot of work, the slicing , the soaking of the two slices in syrup and then the frosting and filling. I cannot say I was happy with the frosting. I am yet to master that!.  But this definitely turned out yummy! I started getting orders from my husbands office! ( Victory dance)

Cooling down!

I am definitely nailing a lot of things that I thought was not my cup of tea. I make my own pasta sauce and I can also make savory pies. ( of course I use pastry sheets, but there will come a day when I would make my own ) 

And now for some Tea biscuits, Cookies and Short-breads , because I got THIS over the weekend

Such pretty jars compels one to bake !!

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