The Going-Away party for the Pachats!

It was another feel good day!. It was back breaking and leg aching work , but it gave me satisfaction.
This was just supposed to be a get together and dinner before my cousin and family left ( They are migrating to Australia for a few years). But then the number of guests became almost 20, and that's when I thought " lets make it special and merrier".

Unfortunately , and I say this with real sadness , I was so busy working; that I couldn't take pictures and none thought of taking pictures too. How sad! There were some really great ideas ( rather puns) in there . Some borrowed from Pinterest and some my own.

The idea was this :

We are saying Good Bye! . And there are these really rhyme-y goodbye sayings , some of them you've heard and many you haven't.

My idea was to play around with these sayings and the food. I couldn't get them all on board.

But I made Buffalo wings for " Gotta go, Buffalo".
Barni cakes for " Take Care, Polar Bear" ( Barni is my nephew's favourite)
Fish fingers for " Give a Kiss, Goldfish"
Chicken lollipop for " Chop chop, lollipop"
Strawberry bites for " Give me a Hug, Ladybug"
And coloured Farfalle Pasta for " Bye Bye , Butterfly"
I had also made a few cucumber boats with tuna salad on it and called it " Bon voyage".
Donuts that said " DONUT forget us" ( That's cliche) . A few popsicles that said " It SUCKS , that you're leaving"
And bowls of nuts, " We'll go NUTS , without you"

I also made an Aussie meat pie ( first time, which turned out AWESOME) and decorated the pastry with ketchup and mayo to look like the National flag of Australia. That was also well appreciated and my cousin cut through it with our friends playing the Anthem in the background. It was quite a hilarious moment.

And in the end of it all came the dessert - (English fruit trifle) That said , " The Pachats are DESSERTing us".

Our guests stayed over till 3 in the morning , playing  eating and drinking .

It was a brilliant party !!! And I have no pictures to share , which is simply tragic!!!!

Devastating really!

But I have a picture of the fruit trifle I made the next weekend. We had relatives over and the custard which was meant to be served during lunch was swept clean by my husband and SIL.
Quite enraging , regarding me and MIL didn't even get a taste, so I went straight to the store, bought fruits and whipped cream and decided to make an English fruit trifle.

It was a spur of moment thing. And it was good though I would next time spray my cake with some sugar syrup and also  poke my cake layers so that the custard can seep through.

English Fruit Trifle

Somebody said it absolutely right.....

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