Wishlist : Attractions of UAE

I was born in this wonderful city. Now I'm back here through matrimony. But I never got to experience this amazing place like anyone should. Scores of people pour in from everywhere to see and experience this city and its shameful that being residents we haven't ventured out anywhere in this city.

So here are a few places and activities  I would like to check off while I'm here:

  1. Dhow cruise  ( I know, don't judge me)
  2. Desert Safari/ Camping  ( Now, you see what I mean?)
  3.  Al Ain Zoo
  4. Ski Dubai ( Penguin Encounter)
  5. Attend a camel race
  6. Spend a night with the Astronomy group 
  7. Watch the flamingos at Ras al Khor
  8. Atlantis the Palm - Marine Adventure
  9. Visit Dubai Dolphinarium
  10. Go Fishing
  11. Crab hunting in Umm Al khwain
  12. Ride a camel
  13. Try my hand at Falconry
  14. Go to Hatta pools
  15. Take the Water Taxi
  16. Trip to farmer's market
  17. Buy an Arabian artefact
  18. Go to Breeding Centre 
  19. Double decker bus ride
  20. Take the cable car at creek park
  21. Fast during Ramadan
  22. Ride in a wonder Bus
  23. Try my hand at a traditional instrument
  24. Eat a Camel Burger   ( Turning a vegan, so I decided against it, though my friends who tried, said it tasted like any other meat, so I don't miss it at all)
  25. Visit the Old souks , Bastakiya Quarters
  26. Ride an Abra
  27. Miracle Garden / Butterfly Garden
  28. Jazz Festival
  29. Kite Festival
  30. Anantara

Im just being overly ambitious here. But then there is this saying, " Only if you dream as high as a hill , will you achieve as high as a heap"

P. S : I suddenly feel I need an Insta cam - so that I can click and paste then and there into my journals!


  1. This is an interesting collection but I think the list of UAE Attractions is incomplete without Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

    1. True!. And thats because i had already been there 😀