Day 1

500 days isn't much and that is all I have left before I turn 30. Three complete decades on this planet and there is just so much more left to learn, experience and understand.

Now that this milestone age is looming over me like a death sentence, I thought of doing something worthwhile with my remaining days of late twenties.

Though I am fortunate to have covered two most significant things i.e : Marrying the love of my life  and  giving birth to a very happy and fun loving child, the last one year has not treated me very nicely in terms of my personal well being and it has driven me crazy. I now consider myself as an empowerment project in process, who is constantly introspecting and criticizing herself for losing her cool and hating on oneself. 

I have decided this cannot go on any long especially when I have a child who is turning ONE next month and I simply cannot have him follow a bad example. Helping my son grow up into a genuinely good man is the only real achievement I am aiming for and the very first step would be to feel that I'm worth something .

This blog will be documenting a few trivial and significant things that I have been always wanting to do, just to feel good about myself, just to have a sense of achievement, just to have a finite answer for ' what I did with my precious 20s '.

All the very best to me! 

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